Friday, September 23, 2011

What Kind of Learner are You?

Three of the most well known learning styles that are mentioned in Chapter 2 are visual,kinesthetic, and auditory learners. The individuals that are visual learners learn the best by seeing the information such as using textbooks, charts, and graphs to help relay the information to them. To help a visual learner, they should write down information or highlight key points. To avoid distractions, they can sit in front of the classroom away from the windows and doors. A kinesthetic learner is "hands on" and learn best by doing the activity. I know that I am a kinesthetic learner and I do better when I am able to do the activity at hand. In physical education I understand best when something is shown to me. You can explain it with words all you want, but I will understand it the most when it is actually shown to me. In the classroom, it helps to take breaks when learning. When I am studying, I find that pacing around my room and reciting my notes helps me best to memorize the material. A challenge with this is to have your kinesthetic learners not distract anyone in the process of learning. The third learner is self-explanitory and that is the auditory learner. This student learns the best by hearing the information; this style is less frequent than the other two mentioned. What may help these individuals to learn could be studying with a partner, audiotapes, and reading out loud. I asked one of my roommates what category she fell into and without hesitation she told me that she is a visual learner. She told me she learns the best when she reads the textbook slowly, writing notes down on the side and highlighting whenever she can. She told me that whenever there is a chart or illustration present, she is able to pick up the information quickly. What I would do for a student in my physical education class that is a visual learner is have illustrations up in my classroom that focuses on what we will be doing that day. I would make sure to repeat directions if needed and offer time for questions from these students. Cues would be written up in the gym and I would give students enough time to copy down these cues on paper for them to remember the cues better. The kinesthetic learner would have an easier time in physical education because most of the learning is hands on in the classroom. They will be watching demonstrations and then they would be able to participate by following the demonstration themselves. An auditory learner could come into class with a tape recorder when the teacher is reciting cues or important points that they would need to remember. Additionally, the teacher could record on a tape provided by the student what they need to remember so that they can go home and study it, and they will be prepared for the next class. If you had to choose, what kind of learner do you think you would be?

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