Friday, September 23, 2011

What my profession means to me

Ever since I was young, sports were an important part of my life. Every time I went to my grandmas house with my cousins, we played sports in her backyard to keep us entertained. I have a male cousin my age, and I believe the reason we bonded so much throughout the years was because of sports. My cousin was athletic and he opened my eyes into sports (some sports that I couldn't even play such as football). We made up our own games and I was practicing my sports skills without even realizing it. I loved the sport of football even though I was unable to play it in middle and high school, but when I was with my cousin we bonded over punting the football over a tree branch or just having a simple catch. When the weather got cold and we couldn't play outside for a while, we would sit in my grandmas house and watch endless hours of football and basketball games. Sports have been a part of me my entire life. Each opportunity I got to play a sport I would. Often when my friends would be playing on the playground in elementary school, I found a way to play sports with the other kids in my grade even if I was the only girl out there. It has been my passion and I couldn't see myself doing anything other than working in a field where I would be able to teach other individuals about my knowledge of sports. Day camps have also been a part of my life ever since I was younger, attending a local day camp from kindergarten to 7th grade and then working there when I was older. With this experience, I found myself to become a natural at working with younger students in a day camp environment. I am now a head counselor at this day camp and I work there every summer, and each summer I learn something new about myself. When I tell people I know what I am going to school for, they tell me that they could not see me doing anything else but that. I want to make a difference in my classroom and advance the skills of students in physical education even if they are not the most coordinated or the best athlete in their grade. I want to be able to educate students about staying healthy and how important it is to keep up with an active lifestyle. There are still many changes to be done to numerous physical education programs around the United States and I believe that the future physical educators can be agents of change to bring this program in the right direction.

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