Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Exit Interview Questions

In class last Wednesday night, we went through sample exit interview questions for those of us who will be student teaching next semester. We went in with a group of 3 people and we were each asked 2 questions to answer to a panel. In the exit interview, we were interviewed by one professor and we were in groups of about 5. These sample interview questions really got us prepared for what was ahead and what we should do during our interview. I was told that it was great to reiterate the question to the panel after it is asked. That is important and it is also important to list things in an answer and then go back and explain what you have listed. I am glad that we were able to go through some of these interview questions as a group to get us ready for what was ahead for the exit interview. When we got the list of questions on Friday, I was ready for some of them because I remembered the answers from those in my group. It was great to get feedback from those in my group as well as the panel that was asking me questions on Wednesday night. I remembered to make eye contact with all of those in my group and to answer my questions in depth but not make my answers too long. I felt very prepared for my exit interview on Tuesday.

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